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Such as Theseus unrolls the thread given by Ariadne to find his way through the labyrinth, Marianne Piketty tries to find her way through the labyrinth of time by inventing a path from Baroque to present. She thus gives shape and life to Ariadne by crossing the voices of Pietro Locatelli and Alex Nante. The myth has indeed inspired and still inspires artists. Violinist and composer Locatelli, as prodigious as Vivaldi, set to music the abandonment of Ariadne: Il Pianto d’Arianna expresses the pain and the freedom at the same time in a virtuoso way, reflective of the power of imagination.

Marianne Piketty is an audacious music-broker: she gives substance to this time journey by reinventing the relevant form of the concert, be it live or recorded. With the musicians of her ensemble, named Le Concert Idéal, she tries to realize a dream that this new album concretizes!